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Inglenook Fires and Fireplaces

Traditionally Inglenooks are found in period cottages, farmhouses, and other early dwellings, and were originally used as the principal heat source and cooking areas for the whole household. They were designed to burn large logs, roast meat and heat cast iron cookware, and although we may have romantic notions attached to this type of fireplace, in terms of functionality and structural suitability, they are completely unsuited to normal everyday life.

Today there are many new products and flue systems available to convert theses types of installations to a modern more energy efficient system, without compromising the aesthetic value or Listed Status of the Building.

We provide a full site visit and inspection service, and are happy to provide the following recommendations for consideration by clients and their respective Conservation Officers.

In summary, we have a variety of solutions to converting existing fireplaces to suitable appliances. Roomheaters and new sealed insulated flue systems are proven to be safer, environmentally better, economically more efficient, and easier on the pocket with those heating bills.

As with wood burning stoves, efficency levels range up to 70%, which adds up to smaller fuel bills....and a warmer glow in every sense of the word!

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Due to the terms of our Insurance Policies, we are unable to provide any technical information or assistance, except by full site visit and survey.